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All these evangelists, pastors, local elders, deacons, and PT/GN writers, etc., received (subject to error in mailings, etc.) one or more mailings sent to their home addresses or offices. All names for unsolicited scrolls (excluding personal friends) were obtained from the church's WORLDWIDE NEWS--from the announcement and local church news sections. Then the addresses were found in the state phone directories at the public libraries.

* Indicates that the minister's ADDRESS was not known; therefore, the literature was sent to a member in his congregation with a written request to forward it to that minister by name.


ADAIR, Collin / Vancouver, CAN
ALBERT, David / AC-Pasadena, CA
ALBRECHT, Greg / AC-Pasadena, CA
AMES, Guy / Philippines office
AMES, Richard / AC-Pasadena, CA
AMOS, John / Columbus, OH
ANDRIST, B / Switzerland office
ANTION, Gary / AC-Pasadena, CA
APARTIAN, Dibar / AC-Pasadena, CA
AVERETT, James / Greensboro, NC


BACHELLOR, Craig / Melbourne, FL
BAILEY, Frederick / Evansville, IN
BAIRD, Hal / AC-Big Sandy, TX
BALDWIN, James / Hillsboro, NH
BARR, Alan / Miami, FL
BASS, Stan / Puerto Rico Office
BAUMGARTNER, Richard / Muncie, IN
BEAM, Rick / Amarillo, TX
BERENDT, Robert / Edmonton, CAN
BEYERSDORFER, Karl / Cincinnati, OH
BIERER, Daniel / Sarasota, FL
BIILINGSLEY, A / Greenwell Spgs ,LA
BLACKWELL, Dean / AC-Pasadena, CA
BOOZE, Michael / Raleigh, NC
BRADY, Kenneth Sr. / Miami, FL
BRIGGIE, Lloyd / Youngstown, OH
*BRYCE, Charles / Shreveport, LA
BUCHANAN, Steve / Rapid City, SD
BULLOCK, Allen / Dallas, TX
BURQUIST, John / Mobile, AL
BUTLER, Dennis / AC-Pasadena, CA


CARBONNEL, G / West Indies office
CARDONA, Mark / Phoenix, AZ
CATHERWOOD, Carn /AC-Pasadena, CA
CHERRY, Trevor / Calgary, CAN
*CHOVAN, Milan / Akron, OH
CLARK, Dick / Tampa, FL
CRIDER, Glenn / Austin, TX


DAHLGREEN, Melvin / Tacoma, WA
DEAN, Aaron / AC-Pasadena, CA
DE BREE, Bram / Netherlands office
DEMAREST, Roy / Tampa, FL
DENNIS, Alvin / Cincinnati, OH
*DICK, Randall / Dallas, TX
DUBOIS, Erik / West Indies office
DUKE, Russell / AC-Big Sandy, TX
DYER, Arthur / Philadelphia, PA


*EARLE, K Neil / Toronto, CAN
*EASTWOOD, Kevin / Melbourne, AUST
ECKER, Thomas / Vancouver, CAN
*ELLIOTT, Art / Phoenix, AZ
ELLIOTT, John /Sioux Falls, SD
EMERY, Richard / El Paso, TX
ENCINOSA, Bill / Tampa, FL
ENGELBART, Guy / Cleveland, OH
*ENGELBART, Oswald / Modesto, CA


FAULKNER, Dexter / GN-Pasadena, CA
FENTRESS, Kent / Bowling Green, KY
FIELDER, David / Toledo, OH
FIELDS, Jay / Beaverton, OR
FIKE, Jack / Tampa, FL
FLURRY, Gerald / Edmond, OK
FLYNN, Ross / Dallas, TX
FOSTER, Roger / Ft. Lauderdale, FL
FRANKEL, Richard / Washington, DC


GENTLEMAN, Dennis / Fairbanks, AK
*GIESE, Kenneth / Houston, TX
GOETHALS, Gilbert / Little Rock, AR
*GREEN, Cecil / Houston, TX
GUNDERSON, Gilbert / Tacoma, WA


HALBE, Bill / AC-Pasadena, CA
HALFORD, John / S. Pasadena, CA
HAMPTON, Arnold / Chicago, IL
*HART, George / Greensboro, NC
HAVIR, Dave / Lexington, KY
*HEAP, Thomas / Modesto, CA
HEATON, Warren / Hamburg, NY
HEGVOLD, Selmer / AC-Pasadena, CA
HEGVOLD, Sydney / AC-Pasadena, CA
HELGE, Ralph / AC-Pasadena, CA
HENSON, Donald / Terrebone, OR
HOEFFLE, James / Belleville, OH
HOEH, Herman / AC-Pasadena, CA
HOGBERG, Gene / AC-Pasadena, CA
*HOLLADAY, Roy / Wilkes-Barre, PA
*HOLM, Randy / Champaign, IL
HOWE,Ron / St. Petersburg, FL
HOYT,Bryan / Portland, OR
HOYT, Ernest / Eugene, OR
HULME, David / AC-Pasadena, CA
HUNSBERGER, David / AC-Pasadena, CA


JACKSON, Harold / AC-Pasadena, CA
JAHNS, William / Akron, OH
*JAMSON, Ronald / Shreveport, LA
JENKINS, James / Jersey City, NJ
*JOHNSON, Walter / Austin, TX
*JOHNSTON, Lyall / Wellington, NZ
JOSEPH, Mordecai / AC-Pasadena, CA


KACKOS, George / Grandville, MI
KAPLAN, Mark / AC-Pasadena, CA
KELLY, Ron / Duarte, CA
KENNEDY ,John / AC-Pasadena, CA
KILLINGLEY, Mr. / AC-Pasadena, CA
KIRK, Judd / Goddard, KS
KNELLER, Sam / France office
KUBIK, Victor / Farmington, MN


LARAVIA, Ellis / AC-Pasadena, CA
LARKIN, John / Lancaster, NY
*LAUGHLAND, Ronald / Hammond, IN *LAWSON, Donald / Salt Lake City, UT
LeBLANC, Mr. / AC-Pasadena, CA
LESTER, Harold / Austin, TX
LILLEGREEN, Joel / Brookfield, WI
LIPROSS, Roger / AC-Pasadena, CA
LISMAN, Ray / Chico, CA
LOCKE, Joe / AC-Pasadena, CA
LOHR, Ronald / Manito, IL
LOO, Gary / S. Pasadena, CA
LUKER, Dennis / Issaquah, WA


*MANN, Dick / Kansas City, KS
MARRS, Edwin / New Orleans, LA
MARSHALL, Graemme / Calgary, CAN
MASON, Donald / Sand Springs, OK
MATHER, Kingsley / Nassau, Bahamas
MATTHEWS, Rod / Philippines office
MAY, Curtis / AC-Pasadena, CA
McCLELLAND, Bob / Tampa, FL
McCLUNG, Murray / AC-Pasadena, CA
McCOLM, Les / Cerritos, CA
McCRADY, Frank Jr. / Indianapolis, IN
McCRADY, Frank III / Lakeland, FL
McNAIR, Carl / Tucson, AZ
McNAIR, Raymond / AC-Pasadena, CA
McNEELY, Darris / Fort Wayne, IN
MEEKER, George Jr. / Springfield, MO
MEREDITH, Rod / AC-Big Sandy, TX
METZEL, David / Cleveland, OH
MILLICH, Rand /Columbus, MO
MILLER, Carroll / AC-Pasadena, CA
MILLER, Norman / AC-Pasadena, CA
*MILNER, Dennis / Flint, MI
MORRIS, Dick / Lakeland, FL


NATHAN, Peter / New Zealand office
NEFF, Lawrence / Folsom, CA
NELSON, Kermit / AC-Pasadena, CA
NIETO, Carlos / Columbia, SC
NOEL, Eugene / Germantown, WI
NORDSTROM, Alvin / Winnipeg, CAN
NORMAN, Gilbert / AC-Big Sandy, TX
NYHUS, Laurie / Toronto, CAN


*O'BRIEN, James / Amarillo, TX
O'DELL, Samuel /
Amarillo, TX
*OGWYN, John /
Houston, TX


PACK, David / Pleasantville, NY
PARSONS, Frank / AC-Big Sandy, TX
PEINE, Thomas / Indianapolis, IN
PELLEY, Dennis / AC-Pasadena, CA
PENTLIN, John / Kansas City, KS
PEOPLES, Jim / Colton, CA
*PETTIT, Robert / San Antonio, TX
*PETTY, Gary / Houston, TX
PICARD, D / Pointe-Claire, CAN
*PIFER, Garry / Champaign, IL


QUILLEN, Bill / Missoula, MT
Brooklyn, NY


RAMOS, Mr. /AC-Pasadena, CA
*REEDY, Ronald / Wilkes-Barre, PA
REYER, James / Pasadena, CA
*REYES, Camilio / Bakersfield, CA
RICE, Richard / AC-Pasadena, CA
RICHARDS, Gary / AC-Pasadena, CA
RITTENBAUGH, John / Tujunga, CA
ROBERTSON, Dennis / AC-Pasadena, CA
ROGERS, Dan / Greensboro, NC
ROOT, Victor / AC-Pasadena, CA
ROYER, Bill / Sarasota, FL


SALYER, Larry / AC-Pasadena, CA *SARGENT, Gary / San Antonio, TX
SCHNEE, Frank / West German office
SCHNIPPERT, Bernard / Las Vegas, NV
SCHMEDES, Leslie / Henrietta, NY
SCHREIBER, Leonard / Eugene, OR
*SCHREIBER, Randy / Reno, NV
SCHROEDER, John Ross / Chicago, IL
SEDLIACIK, Richard / Pasadena, CA
SERVIDIO, James / Catonsville, MD
SHOAF, Norman /Temple City, CA
*SILCOX, Andrew / San Antonio, TX
SMITH, Carlton / Los Olivos, CA
SMITH, Norman / Vista, CA
*SMITH, Tom / Helena, MT
SMYLIE, Kenneth / Hoover, AL
SOWER, Ron / AC-Pasadena, CA
SPANGLER, Melvin / Littleton, CO
STENGER, William / AC-Pasadena, CA
STEEP, Clayton / GN-Pasadena, CA
STOKES, James / S. Pasadena, CA
STUMP, Keith / AC-Pasadena, CA
SUCKLING, Arthur / AC-Pasadena, CA
*SUTCLIFFE, Collin / Christchurch, NZ *SZYMKOWIAK, Vincent / Detroit, MI


*TAYLOR, Raymond / Fort Worth, TX
THOMAS, Donald / Mobile, AL
THOMPSON, Richard / AC-Big Sandy, TX
TKACH, J W Jr. / AC-Pasadena, CA
TKACH, J W Sr. / AC-Pasadena, CA
TORRANCE,MR. / AC-Pasadena, CA
TREYBIG, Harold / Houston, TX
TREYBIG, Kenneth / AC-Big Sandy, TX
TUCK, Lawson / Boise, ID
TUCKER, Rowlen / Memphis, TN
TURNER, James / Phoenix, AZ
TURK, Thomas / Mexico office


VAN DEVENTER, Dennis / Pasadena, CA
VELLER, Braden / Tampa, FL
VIEHE, MR. / AC-Pasadena, CA
VILLIERS, Terrence / Sydney, AST
VOREL, Lavene / St. Petersburg, FL


WAINWRIGHT, DR. / AC-Pasadena, CA *WAIT, Clyde / Champaign, IL
WALKER, Robert / AC-Pasadena, CA
WALLICH, C / Lakeland, FL
WARD, Don / AC-Big Sandy, TX
WATERHOUSE, Gerald / AC-Pasadena, CA
WEBBER, Robin / Monrovia, CA
WELCH, Mark / Grand Rapids, MI
WHEATCROFT, Dennis / Glendora, CA
WHITE, Glen / Clovis, CA
WHITE, Valden / Spokane, WA
WILSON, Dean / Portland, OR
WITTE, Gerald / Flint, MI
WRIGHT, Ray / Pasadena, CA


YAEGER, Albert / Toledo, OH


ZHORNE, Jeff / Pasadena, CA
ZIMMERMAN, Charles /
Cheyenne, WY

Note: Additionally, other pastors whose NAMES were not known were also sent the literature

by sending it to a member with a request to forward it.

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